Tuesday, December 22, 2009

my art work

Im very sorry i have not changed my blog in a while i just forgot about my blog:).......................
I like to draw alot lately- im into manga and chibi style now. Its fun but i cant draw manga style well, not yet anyways. But chibi is fun and easy.You can go on youtube and type in 20 different chibi emotions (its by mark crilley) he's awome and a good drawer.He wrote 'miki falls' its a comic book and other books. it sounds good and i want it for my b-day nothing else. Im not the best drawer but Im sorta getting good. my talent is not art its singing but im getting good at drawing. no I will not sing for you and i mean it because I will be embarrassed. I mean sorta good at singing. Mark Crilley has a whole bunch of videos they're cool. I draw when im bored or just when i want to draw. I like drawing animals. I love cats and mice i have cat and a mouse. My cats name is ozzie and mouses name is chedder. But back to art. Art is so much fun thats my favorite thing and my favorite subject and class.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

~ Mickey RIP

This was my hamster Mickey. He was so cute. He died on New Year's Eve when my cousin Cora was here. My Mom found him dead when my Aunt wanted to see him and had just said "that hamster has been alive for 2 years, I can't believe he hasn't died yet", then they went to get him out of his cage and he wasn't moving. Poor Mickey. He was a really good hamster. I got another hamster the next day. Her name was Swiss but I only had her for a week, she died too :-(